We Truly Need To Have A Long Term View With Hive

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It seems we are very impatient in crypto.

The IPO of Coinbase netted one of the early VCs a boatload of money. However, the initial investment was made in 2013. Thus, their $300K was tied up for 8 years. Of course, it was worth it since the payout was more than $2.1 billion.

In this video, I discuss how Hive is only approaching 13 months since the fork. We came a long way in that time. However, people seem to want to shortcut things which is not possible. Development simply takes time.

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It's not Hive's fault it won't be ready in time for the fall of FaceBook and other mainstream social media, or the fall of the current financial system. But it sure does suck. I was really hoping this place would get things sorted out before time ran out.

I am not sure how you think time is running out.

Does Facebook look like it is collapsing? In spite of it all, the company just keeps getting stronger and more users. Same with Twitter.

As for the financial system, people are saying that for the past 30 years.

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WOW from 300k to 2.4 BILLION?! That's crazy money. I bet he's happy he made that investment.
Edited to add now that I'm watching:
"Maybe people don't realize how screwed up things were before we forked" - I think you hit the nail on the head there. All you gotta do is witness the comments section on certain Stinc posts back in the day, where so many people were just, "yay, this is great, we believe" without any questions at all. I mean, I'm a non-techie so I don't always understand the issues that the devs are discussing, but when I see people more knowledgeable than me on such issues having serious talks about "these problems need to be fixed," I believe them more than I believe simplistic rah-rah propaganda. The people who unquestioningly took Stinc at their word that everything was FINE are the same who got excited over Bitconneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect! ;)

That is true. There was an added issue back them. Even talking about the issue was not relevant since nobody could do anything about it.

STINC was in control of the entire base layer.

Here we have the option of bringing an issue to light and having it actually heard since the developers who are actually working on the chain are on here.

It is a totally different world in that regard.

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Damn straight. You guys now dont havr that Terrible problem of ned Scott and steam it having like 50% 80% or whatever of the steam power now you guys have distributed all the hive a lot better kind of like telos did and because you did that you could now distribute the actual incentive of all the users. Now you need to actually take 8 telos approach and have a high foundation and then you can have a hive foundation system for all of the people that need to make ideas for how to spend all that hiv proposal money because you guys are being stingy and honestly tell us is a lot easier to get money out of us so that's ridiculous because you guys have been around for a lot longer but maybe you really haven't. Honestly it's OK because you know you guys are gonna learn To agree on how to spend all that high proposal money.

Copy @hellotelos

If i started with 300k in crypto id honestly expect no less than a few billion. Theres quadrillions out there

Steemit helped bitvonnect promote so did coinmarketcap ... i saved screenshots

Bitconnect is nothing compared to scams the world is seeing now ... it is just gambling at this point compared to whats were facing today lol

Who cares about bitconnevt when we have to confiscated all that federal resevre money tahts leaked out and make these decentralized hits on elite anti crypto bankers lol its gonna be fun hinting down those families who tried to stop chainlink

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I think so long as the applications prosper and increase the number of users, we should see a great boon to HIVE since there is plenty of development. Even Splinterlands and Rising Stars are in development stage so they might take off in the future.

I knew STEEM stole money but I didn't think they were stalling development.

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I knew STEEM stole money but I didn't think they were stalling development.

No. I actually do not think Sun really cares about that.

He is putting on a huge mirage.

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If STEEM drops off and fails, will the TRON network and his assets be safe? Or is he going to cash out early to avoid holding the bags?

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I trust Hive for the long term investment of energy.I know I am doing my part and I rely on the dev and other IT guys that do their part.
The results are here daily. And I believe we should be grateful for what we have while we strive and build more.
Thank you for a genuine insight!

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@regenerette we are in the right place at the right time and there are #bigthingscoming for #HIVE

I'm so glad that you say this! It's 3:32 and I'm still hiving... :) curious newbie here

Yeah I have been paying very close attention to the IPO, Bloomberg, CNBC, and even mainstream news channels Sky news etc, because I am always listening to the tones used by those in MSM when they discuss crypto and any vehicle linked with it.

In this regard the sea-change is exponential! The thing I noticed is that every time a guest analyst mentioned Coinbase the discussion moved on to the bullish environment for crypto and the guest was asked 'how long will this last?'.

Many traditional finance types are realising they don't know nearly as much as they thought they did and they are not comfortable with the topic of trajectory for crypto as their early knowledge just didn't stack up.

As for Hive. It is essentially a new-born that needs to be nurtured, understood and developed in order to live up to it's great potential. Those whom we cross paths with daily need to realise that if they wanted to pull the lever and achieve a massive payout, this ain't Vegas!!!

Bottom resistance on the charts is amazing to see. For the near future we should not be worrying too much about the crazy highs, those short term green spikes are only good if you are planning on 'cashing out' anyway. We have massive potential in out future if we build steadily and sensibly.

The fundamentals of the method of building our way forward are staggeringly important and have massive ramifications that could set us way back if we get it wrong. I'd rather a solid 3 story house with proper foundations well above the flood level than a magnificent 100 turret, gold plated castle built on sand.

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To build the fundamentals, it requires a great deal of time and a foundation to be laid.

This is what we are doing now. Too many simply want to skip this step.

Leofinance offers a great alternative to the mainstream media who, like you said, doesnt really understand crypto.

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I agree @taskmaster I've been following 3speak and begun posting videos because it supports the Hive platform and in turn we will likely see that support coming over to leofinance.io as well! The rising tide raises all ships!

I love your take on the long term think that is required for HIVE!

The support of 3Speak is greatly appreciated.

I am glad you are doing it and feel you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Long term view in technology is vital since things do take a long time to develop. In the meantime, we just keep plugging along.

Glad you are on board.

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I'm down with waiting 8 years for a x1000 return, just hope you will invite us to your super exclusive beach side villa to celebrate the moment :)

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You will own the one next to me I am sure. With all the commenting you are doing, you might own two.

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more of a mountain villa type of guy but the gf would definitely love the easy access to the beach :P

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LOL there is that commitment thing again.

With the upvotes you are getting, the noose might be tightening. 😁

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unfortunately for my "freedom" you're disturbingly right :))))

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Think the prime long-term thinking we need to do right now is making HIVE quantum-resistance. Long term thinking and uncertainty thinking too. We might have 15 years left before QC becomes a real threat, or we might only have 3. Think we need a lot more long-term thinking on that end too. Created a community, but so far I'm the only one doing any thinking and posting there.
I would love and apreciate it if you could put on your long-term-thinking hat and post a blog or video on your views on the future threat to the blockchain and its eco system, and the roadmap towards averting that threat before it truly materializes.

Quantum is certainly a threat to crypto, but then it is a threat to all encryption.

And since there is a lot more at risk than just a couple trillion in crypto, I would say the problem will be solved.

In fact, it might be one of the first jobs for the early quantum devices, to create quantum resistant encrption.

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By the way, to answer your question, the greatest threat is a technology that supersedes it.

This will not be the best technology at some point.

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Where can I see the interview you did last night? I loved your other three podcasts.

It will be posted through the @brofund account I believe.

@raymondspeaks handles that.

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Should be up in the next few hours. Uploading it to threespeak atm

@taskmaster I love that we are looking at 2025 maybe even 2028! This is the long term think that will help HIVE fully mature and build more crypto millionaires!

The Hive ecosystem creates value and income which the world really needs right now. I’m hoping more people begin to see the bigger picture. I certainly do. :)

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I agree. We have to convey what this place is doing for people.

There is a lot that is taking place on Hive so we should promote it to everyone who will listen.

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We need an ipo and a @ned but one like @fyrstikken but more of a thirstikken... a thirsty kid a young ceo

We need a republican to rule over us like a king, lower taxes and brutalize criminals like side show bob said

@smooth why a $20 downvote and not comment or engagement.. it’s sad to see broken hearts, just because you can.. do you not like taskmaster or the fact that he consistently puts out thoughtful/provocative articles and videos?

I don't recall the specifics but I browse around and downvote if rewards appear excessive. Remember, rewards are the product of an ongoing voting process and are only an estimate until voting is complete.

I got it, that’s understandable.. and no one is required to engage or say why they choose to downvote.. I was just curious, and I’ll just assume this is the case in the future.