Cryptocurrency (Digital Assets) Are A Done Deal

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Many question what the governments of the world can do to stop cryptocurrency.

The answer is a simple: nothing.

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are a done deal. The horse is out of the barn as they say.

In this video I discuss how things are spreading out at such a pace that it is impossible to keep up with. Since this is the case, it shows how expanding all of this is. Digital assets cannot be controlled regardless of what governments believe.

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The laws will always be outdated. Just take a look at copyright since they only deal with things after the fact. You can get anything digital online now: books, games and even software for free. I think the only thing that is annoying is software with plenty of updates and subscription services.

As for NFTs, I think it will change a lot over the next few years. There is just way too much hype and its branching out way too much. I think some of them will fail as people get used to the technology and learn to pick.

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It is way too late as you are correct in saying this is a done deal. We are working in this space every day and the speed of change is head spinning so good luck to anyone trying to stop it as that is mission impossible. NFT's are just too early to understand right now and possibly will become clearer as to exactly what they are.

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They can't stop crypto but they can slow it down and hinder adoption a lot if they want. Not the end of the world but many people are turned off when they have to jump through a lot of hoops to get passed certain government imposed obstacles

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I dunno know... lost my PayPal because I could not provide an address. I am now among the unbanked of the world. If all my income was from crypto’s... the moment all these sites start demanding I provide proof of address you won’t see me here anymore

At that moment... this place here... well it would then be only for those with addresses. The other 6 billion who do not have one? Well... You just won’t be hearing their voices, anymore.

I am so glad the power became decentralized and that they cannot do anything about it. I was afraid that after many banks will launch their own digital coins, they will hunt the crypto which is not under their control. I know, I might sound stupid, candid, naive...I trust that you're right. It is empowering to watch this short video.

Digital assets need to grow more. Up and down in value, but progress is needed.

By autumn, I think BTC will hit 70k
But, you know, ....yes, BTC is somehow boring. There is a lot of stuff that go decentralized.
I have done a gamification design for sports leagues today and implemented suggestions for them to move in Hive. People should see it as an opportunity.

Thank you for a great insightful video!

The government should just accept the fact that cryptocurrencies and digital assets is not like their usual puppet which they can just control whenever they want or like.....

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