Technology: Do Not Overlook This Point Of View

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Many have suffered the fate of overlooking the impact of technology over the last 15 years. The number of individuals who suffered due to misreading what was taking place is growing.

In this video I discuss how it is vital we always look at the technological component of things. This affects our investing, careers, purchases, and individual businesses. To overlook it could put people in the situation like Blockbuster, Kodak, and a host of other companies that were "teched" out.

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You don't think multi billion dollar contracts with the US military helped Amazon, Google and Apple have access to tax payer resources, politicians and classified tech not available to smaller companies?
Also Blockbuster and its employees knew that technology beat them out before google even bought youtube.
Monopolization and unfair government contracts has allowed for smaller companies get forced out of business because they don't have 80 mill they can casually put towards an app.
But I digress thank you for your time!

True, it’s an unfortunate error that Blockbuster, once with stores in thousands of cities, seemed to disappear overnight due to technological obsolescence. But it wasn’t overnight, and the bank employees and other similar jobs won’t disappear overnight, but one day we will look around and they will be gone.

I agree that while Blockbuster can be forgiven somewhat for being one of the first nationwide companies to suffer complete anniliation at the hands of technology, others in our current age act as if they ignore technology it will go away. For them I will shed no tears.

You are right, the march of technological advancement is unstoppable and the dust of technological obsolescence litters the landscape.

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