With Billionaires Like Steve Cohen Interested, It Is Time To Take Notice

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Steve Cohen made headlines when he said that he is not going to miss the happenings of crypto. He followed it up by stating that he isn't really interested in Bitcoin per se. What really interests him is the technology and what is can do to change things.

In this video I discuss how this affirms what many of us have been saying. When someone like Cohen hones in on that, it is time to pay attention. There is a lot of things happening here that people need to take notice of.

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Steven Cohen bought a controlling interest in the New York Mets either in 2019 or 2020 (the last two years have been a big blur for me, so I forget). Mets fans better hope he's closer to being like Mark Cuban than Bernie Madoff.

Seriously, any rich person can say they buy BTC because they want Bitcoin. Not as many say they want what cryptocurrency and blockchains in general can do for them. In that regard, it looks like a good sign that he's into it.

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Every single big guy entering will add legitimacy to the space and I agree with that. The only problem is whether or not these people will sell out once things start turning red as there are very few people who like to see the prices down (like in a bear market).

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Whenever I hear about a new billionaire or corporation taking an interest in crypto, I'm torn. They help validate the crypto space to the rest of the world, but they are here to control, not to help build a decentralized system. Including Michael Saylor. He/MicroStrategy wants to control as much as the existing bitcoin supply as possible before they are out of reach for them. He also helped the crypto space significantly through his public positions and actions.

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