The Abundance Mindset

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This is crucial for leaders going forward as well for ourselves. We are rapidly moving into a time of abundance, as we move into the digital world followed by the virtual.

In this video I discuss the idea of how having an abundance mindset opens up the door for opportunities. We will not buy into FOMO or the feeling that this is the "last opportunity".

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Thanks for that analogy with the physical real estate and the virtual one. The world like you said is getting smoother and the process of digitalisation makes us wield this abundance theory.
In essence we Face no scarcity with virtual reality and diving deep into its space. I remembered the possibilities that video calling apps brought. Covid-19 reminded us that we're limitless when we unlock aspect and dive further in into technology.
Thanks for this really educative one.

This was a great thought inducing video thanks for sharing have a blessed day

You've been talking about Abundance off and on for as long as I've been aware of you (~Spring 2018). I'm on board with the notion of already-existing-abundance and I really like that you touch on this subject. I see what you are describing about this already-existing + upcoming abundance in the digital/virtual/financial world.

I'd like to add a few of my thoughts on the abundance/scarcity mindset in general:

The scarcity mindset seems to be fear-based / fear-driven - "there is not enough now, there will/may not be enough tomorrow". This fear of shortage can lead to the perceived 'need' to hoard, to save, to store, to conceal etc, which is a psychological state (consisting of fear derivatives) that usually overlooks or ignores what is actually available (what has been hoarded, saved, stored etc up till now), because it's not considered enough to cover an uncertain future. Uncertainty is infinity - there will anyways never be enough to guard against it.

The abundance mindset however, is not fear-based and therefore is able to see what is actually available and, as importantly, that it is available. This is an expansive and open positioning which allows new, different and creative possibilities to fall within the realm of what is available. Vision opens up and 'scarcity' is revealed to be a perception only - a 'mindset'.

One can set one's mind differently too!

I see 'Abundance' as the state where whatever is required (the 'need', not necessarily the 'want') is available in the quantity required and at the time of requirement. This is not just material, but applies equally to the way in which LF and the community responded to the WLEO hack as to the help I have received in order to enable me to recover my main account, @barge, at the end of the month (✌) - emotional rollercoasters for the protagonists! The lessons learned (the 'need'), in the fullness to time, always prove more powerful than the 'want' of the moment ('poor me, why did this happen, I'm lost', gimme comfort/compensation). What indeed if WLEO were hacked in Jan 2021, with the number of users and amount of crypto forecast by many such as yourself?

When I'm sitting heavily under a cloud of 'scarcity think', I gently draw myself out by asking myself what I actually, really, really need in the present moment - shelter? clothing? food? smokes? Got them all 😃

I look forward to reading your post on Abundance vis-a-vis crypto.

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