The Bull Market Now Compared To 4 Years Ago

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We are in another crypto bull market. This has people looking back to compare to what was going on 4 yours ago. Since others are doing it, I figured I would take a stab at it.

In this video I discuss how the industry is much different than the last time. This is going to have an impact, I believe, on the markets, which are financially driven. Here I go through some of the different variables in an effort to compare the two time periods.

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It definitely is true that the current run is massively different from the one four years ago. Especially since we got large corporations like Tesla and Grayscale buying tons of BTC and even large banks like Blackrock and Goldman offering crypto related services. But this only makes me believe that BTC will end up being the big guys money and most of us will have to look for opportunities elsewhere.

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I still find bull runs very strange and illogical so they at least have that in common :P

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I dont. Dopamine rushes for months on end.

Markets are run by fear and greed. Bulls kick greed into overdrive. It is the main driver of the moves especially towards the end.

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