EXODE: An Opportunity For Wealth?

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Are we seeing a tremendous opportunity forming on Hive? We know the success of Splinterlands which appears to be growing on a consistent basis.

EXODE is a space exploration/colonization game that uses NFTs for its gaming pieces. These assets are owned by individual accounts, thus can be sold or traded.

The question is can we get wealthy off a game like this? It is still in alpha but, as we saw with Splinterlands, there are many possibilities in terms of what can be added to the games.


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Nice video, we are proud to have you on Exode! Keep on going with your videos they are great!

Thanks for the support @nachofigx.

Doing my part.

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Really great insight! Thanks for this video!

Really interesting video! I agree with you about the amount of opportunities that Exode will bring to its players, there are various aspects of the game like trading and making special missions like the available with the Claymore or the Baldie, that make this game a good enviroment to different abilities in game.

I can say that yes, we can have an opportunity to get more money just like the people who started Splinterlands at the very beginning and today they have their wealth. I have good expectations with this game.

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