The Present System Is Not Ready For What Is Coming

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Technology is changing things very rapidly. We see this in the crypto/blockchain world. A lot of what is happening is going unnoticed simply since there is so much to pay attention to. This is going on in many different technological industries.

In this video I discuss how these technologies are so powerful that our existing system simply is not ready for them. Instead, they are trying to smash in old rules and entities which isnt going to work.

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So what do you think will be the 6 or 7 things that are similar to smartphone over the next 20 years? I think VR/AR, Defi and maybe a few centralized applications is all that comes to my mind.

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Crypto, VR, Quantum, 3D printing, decentralized energy, and AI.

Some of those are a bit general but if you see how something like AI bores down into specific industries, we can see the smartphone type impact.

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What's coming is gonna be great ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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I am optimistic but there are dome potential downsides.

We really need to keep working to stay out from under the hands of major corporations. In fact, that business structure needs to be destroyed if possible.

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While I am eager to see how the world will improve AI scares me a bit and could lead to major unrest in society if it's not properly implemented

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There is already going to be major unrest, with or without AI.

We need to keep decentralizing everything, AI included. Having power in the hands of a few governments and major corporations is not healthy.

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existential dread intensifies

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Central bankers actually think they are world government. Bad thing is that they can fund anything. And while they fund something against humanity, we pay that with price of inflation.