Crypto: Individual Versus Collective

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We tend to be mired in a scarcity mindset. This is know by watching what the present system does. Everywhere we turn there are actions that exhibit this. Ultimately, these people simply do not get it. They are from an age that is rapidly passing.

In this video I discuss how we are heading into abundance. This is going to have to change the mental outlook we all have. We can see this a bit in what is already taking place within crypto. These are systems that are based upon cooperation, not competition.

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Well I think most people think in terms of price. I honestly don't care about DOGE since I don't have any in my wallet. If it goes up or down, I tend to not really care but I never once thought it would be the reason why my tokens were not pumping. I think it does suck when the ones I have don't run though.

As for those fossils in the traditional system, I will just wait for crypto to become mainstream and for them to buy into our bags.

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As for those fossils in the traditional system, I will just wait for crypto to become mainstream and for them to buy into our bags.

There is a certain line of thinking that brings up that point. Traditional money players have their own time of entry. For many, it is much further down the road.

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Both in school and in college we were educated to have a competitive mindset and that tends to impact the way you see the world around you

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Certainly it is all throughout life. In the old system, it was the norm because we were competing for scarce resources. This all changed with the digital world. Suddenly, reproduction is easy and near infinite. Many are only limited by the computation power and bandwidth available.

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That speech about abundance only seems to make sense, when it does, when YOUR assets are doing well (you being many in our crypto world, not necessarily associated with a username). Even in a bull market. When you don't seem to be in the winning camp on the short term, then it's back to the old scarcity mindset. That doesn't sound like an abundance mindset to me, just faking it, and many are in this boat unfortunately, no matter how much you (task), and others, preach about abundance. Transitioning towards the world of abundance will prove quite difficult for many.

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