Forecast: The Biden Administration Will Not Be Friendly To Crypto

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This is my prediction. We already have Janet Yellen popping off about the "illegal" activity in cryptocurrency. Notice how it is no longer "Bitcoin". The narrative is changing.

In this video I discuss how the government is there to protect the establishment. As the Trump Administration was unfriendly to crypto, there is no reason to believe that Biden etal will be any friendlier.

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All of the big banks are crooks but I do think they want to enter the market. I have seen a few mention about creating their own stable coin so I agree with your outlook that they want to regulate it. Most of the stuff Janet Yellin was talking about was that crypto was a speculative and needs to be regulated because of crimes. Either way only time will tell who will win in the end.

Also Goldman Sachs, as crooked as they are, manipulate stocks all the time so just following along can net you some profits. Of course this requires you to pay attention and figure if it is them selling or buying.

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I still can't believe we have to deal with Janet as our secretary, that being said I still can't believe Biden won.
I hope you keep up the vlogs on the state of affairs, this is going to be a crazy next year my friend!

That is why I feel it is so important to create our own economy and actually spend crypto instead of speculating and cashing out. The more people accept it in their business the better and I think HIVE is perfect for that. But for most its all about an exit plan to fiat to buy things and the cash out is where the eyes are.

I really hope the new administration will be crypto friendly but I highly doubt it. Bitcoin is indeed their baby and if XRP kisses the right ass, they will be too at some point. Once the official digital dollar is launched they will clamp down on a lot of things crypto, they don't want them to mix.

I simply like how you go against the river and even if the mass media shows the future administration along with the SEC naming as crypto friendly, you put that under the microscope and try to demolish the myth. And you might be right on this as it might be a wolf under sheep clothes.

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