Hive: Time To Truly Think Like A Stakeholder

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Most of us were trained to be employees. Our educational system taught us to be good employees via conditioning to obey. This puts us in the mindset of not being an owner. After all, most of what we do benefits others. We have little to no stake in those entities.

In this video I discuss how Hive is a lot different. As we progress forward towards Web 3.0, we see the need for a new outlook. Anyone who owns a single token in a project is a stakeholder. Hence, this carries a much different responsibility as opposed to just being an employee.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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This was a pretty solid pep talk. I hope it inspires a particular someone I know, because she isn’t hearing what I’m putting down. 👊

Yes everyone should be pushing for HIVE to succeed if they own HIVE at all. Well I would not say they would have to make a post everyday or so but they should at least comment.

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SEPA Not allowing people hold coins as inflation is eating deep into the financial system of most 3rd world countries with no reliable Job

Motivation to power up

I have staked since the beginning of my membership. I don't care the increase or decrease of the price of HIVE.

Here here! I love the call to action at the end, well what sounded like one. As an owner of 2 communities (@hivelist and @hivehustlers) and basically running a 3rd due to the owner being completely MIA (weedcash), I will certainly say that it cannot be all up to us! If you are holding stake in a project, you are a part of that project and we need your help as well! It's going to take all of us to get there, not just a few. Just holding a token honestly isn't enough in this day in age, we need some support and some work as well! Good job on the video sir!