Dealing With The Naysayers

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Jeffrey Gundlach called Bitcoin a lie.

We see this type of behavior on a regular basis. People attack Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trying to degrade what is happening. Why are they doing this? For some, it is because they have an agenda. Still, for others, they do not understand what is taking place.

In this video I discuss how people are missing what is taking place and how we see throughout history how many are unaware of what is taking place from a technological perspective.

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I think the number one reason people are attacking bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the fact that they are yet to come to the knowledge of its importance.

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I think it's because bitcoin is transparent and big corporations and government are afraid to give financial freedom to people

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My intro to crypto was kind of like that. It was around the time when BTC was $36USD and a down on his luck friend boarding at my place was pumping out BTC on graphic cards. When we shared pizza, beer and/or pot he would want to kick in with BTC. As a programmer the idea of the blockchain had far reaching applications but it was not money.

Luckily BTC was taken for his share on things in the sense of almost pity for his situation. Boy were we wrong.

He moved into my place on Social Assistance and moved out a millionaire and left me (in 2017 at least) with a six figure value in BTC.

Most are afraid of the change that Bitcoin and the blockchain bring. Some are elitists who are blinded by economic theory and central banking monopoly. I ignore most of them since they will probably be on the wrong side of history.

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I've watched Gundlach's interview, it was with Raoul Pal on Real Vision, and he's not really a naysayer. It doesn't sound as bad when you listen to the actual conversation, maybe the article you read was trying to exaggerate what he said.

He basically started by saying that Bitcoin is a lie because it is not really anonymous, which I found very funny, since every Bitcoiner has been trying to convince mainstream media that it isn't and that it's a bad idea to buy drugs with it.

So this shows how far he is from the crypto world, believing that people buy Bitcoin for its anonymity. Then he went on to say he did recommend people to buy bitcoin twice, and to sell at the top in 2017, but he doesn't want to buy it because he prefers physical art that he can hang on his wall (as in art is also an inflation hedge that doesn't get printed).

And he kept insisting that he isn't a Bitcoin hater. So all in all, not that bad.

Thanks for the clarification.

Yes the idea of using most cryptocurrency for illegal things is absurd since there is no anonymity. As you stated most bitcoiners state this openly.

It is far easier to hide illegal activities using the USD especially since the banks will likely help.

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Great post.
Crypto is a huge threat to the establishment and they pretend like it isn't while putting thousands of work hours into regulating it around the world.

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Sometimes I feel centralised and coperate entities are somehow leading the vendetta against bitcoin, this actually blinds people to what BTC can actually bring, the innovations and all.

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Defeatists people shout against some topics that probably they don't even know much about and what is dangerous with this type of people is that they are dualists as well. They change their behavior from one side to the other as nothing has happened and they don't recognize past positions. People without a backbone, just against the river that simply speak nonsense and care just about their own.

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most people afraid of bitcoin because of change it brings to people life and millionaires can't hide their money then can they
that right we need to change as tech change

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Great post

Who does not know something and observes that others benefit most of the time they get upset before learning.
Quien no conoce algo y observa que otros se benefician la mayoría de las veces se molestan antes de aprender.

They don't like it because they lose control of us. They can't herd us like sheep or cattle. Using decentralized currency takes away governments' control of us, which is why the government will fight it too. Don't expect any government to really support it.