Web 3.0: Emerging Very Rapidly

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When I started talking about this a couple years ago, I am not sure it was met with much more than "that's nice". Fast forward to now and I believe many more people see what is happening.

In this video, I discuss how we are embarking upon the convergence of our physical, digital, and biological lives. The spatial web is a lot more than a decentralized, tokenized version of what we have now. We are about to see all aspects of life impacted.

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I still don't really understand fractionized NFTs much because it just seems more complicated than complete ownership. I guess if I treat it as a stock then its just a small share of the pie.

As for all the sensors and stuff, its the life we live in so I don't think we can avoid technology improving. Though them collecting all our data is not good for the people in general.

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It depends upon who controls the sensors. Like personal health monitoring devices are wonderful. However, if they feed Zuckerberg's servers, than that is not a great thing in my opinion.

That is why decentralized data is crucial in my opinion.

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Good one ✌️❤️💪

This is one thing I am actually really excited about. We are just getting started and I already love everything that has come out of it so far. Real possibilities to earn money online from the content you provide and unique skill sets you have, decentralized applications or at least closer to decentralized than other systems, DeFi, NFTs and more we are only getting started with the true possibilities of all of this and it's exciting to see what shapes. IN fact I've been brainstorming some creative ways to perhaps build a platform myself here at some point.

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There are a ton of possibilities and what is really excited is we have not started in the innovation area yet. People are just starting to play around with things. Over the next few years we will find people developing models that work. Other will be able to copy then and profit too.

IN fact I've been brainstorming some creative ways to perhaps build a platform myself here at some point.

We look forward to see what you come up with.

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And the best of all this my dear leader, is that we are writing part of history by being pioneers, thank you for sharing the vision!

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there will be a lot of stinkers ( like the other chain that I shall not mention it's name) until Web 3.0 reaches maturity so I'm bracing for all the drama and roller coasters that lie ahead :)

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WebVan comes to mind.

The internet was full of stinkers along the way. That is how technology works.

I agree we are going to see some projects that go down in a massive blaze. At the same time, many others will excel.

We just need to ensure that our actions are working towards helping those that will excel.

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Great watch 👌 as always.


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Once again, thank you for the video!