Results of Teaching Dad to record on GarageBand for iPhone

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Attract Tetrahedroseph Result of teaching dad GarageBand iPhone

Dad is happy and having fun.

A little frustrated at times, yet he’s not deterred.

I feel comfortable knowing that he is highly entertained in isolation and collaborating with me on music too.

Recording is healthy for everyone. This process with Dad takes a lot of front loading. He doesn't know basic concepts and universal icons on the iPhone yet. It’s a practice in patience. He is from a different generation. This is a whole new world.
I want to be a good tech support person for my dad. Not for Disney games. I was a tech support/phone person for the games department when I work at Disney one. I knew the games, helped design them, and I’m grateful for the work, but customers had remedial issues. Faking a “bad connection” and hanging up on customers was not exactly fun. I failed, idgaf, wasn’t worthy. I was better at writing about how to breaking the games anyway. My dad is different and to me very worthy of the extra effort and whatever extra explanations he requires. I'm grateful to have the information to share. Many other people are worth of it too. Maybe it's not so much about the people, and more of a resistance to enduring frustration for the mouse's sake. Let's move on.

A series of text messages between us.

My comments are in blue boxes and dad's comments are in grey boxes.

This first image shows the start of our text conversation. It starts with my new video (Part 1), a plug for my supports, and a Sponge Bob GIF confirmation.

Later, on Friday 8th, he replied to me with a very nice comment. He said he likes mike video better than most. Claiming my video is less complicated. Success, I'm glad.

The last part of the image about shows us talking about the difference between sharing via text verses and email. He like email the most, but I don't want all his PC virus laden email attachment spam. He might be learning DropBox soon too.

My comments are in blue boxes and dad's comments are in grey boxes.

A new songs already?!

This next screen capture of our text convo starts off with the sheet music dad created for a new song. He created the new song while experimenting with GarageBand. Isn't that awesome?! Too bad the song is overtly complicated with multiple time signatures and... ask me about being "overly complicated" later if you want.

He also said he "needs" feedback and I don't like that word. So, I replied with a video and a spoiled offspring type of comment that is not included.


I guess his phone needs an update. I didn't want to get into it so, I kinda give him a workaround. He liked the workaround and proceeded to ask me details about... "mastering."


We can see the recording he exported in the .m4a file in the image above. Look at the bottom of the second screen cap from the left.


That is a huge success. Dad has recorded guitar and shared it with me successfully.

At this point we can look forward to cleaning it all up by helping him build a sensitivity to environmental sounds, understanding of isolated tracks, bleed, simplicity, and signal flow. He and I get into those dynamics a little in the remains screen shots seen above in the text collage.

Has he bitten off more than he can chew?

No, you can’t break it. Practice unattachment. Experiment and learn the app fearlessly. I've said to him, "It’s might or might not be spying on you and if it was, it's way too late to do anything like you are now. They seen you on porn hub already."

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

Maybe at first, but now that Big Band tasks are over, I have more energy. When I am done with the next Tetrahdrsoeph album "Mutation," I'll shift gears to focus on dad's music. The timing is good though. He has all the time he needs to keep it simple. :)

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The following GarageBand tutorials are only available on 3Speak because fights for Hive. Here they are below:

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Teaching My Dad GarageBand For iPhone Part 1

Part 1 shows a good perspective on my iPhone and the detailed button pressing that is involved with setting up a project, setting up a track, and sharing it.


Teaching My Dad GarageBand for iPhone Part 2

Part 2 features the track controls in a narrated and edited screen capture video. My dad thought he was not recording when actually, he was recording successfully. He just couldn't hear it because he didn't know about the various was to access track controls.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 8.19.45 PM

Teaching My Dad GarageBand for iPhone Part 3 And A Sneak Peek Listen To A New Song

Part 3 shows a quick run though of my "yellow guitar" recording process, how to proceed, and a little sneak peek at a future Tetrahedroseph song.

Hey, @derekrichardson! Check the background music in Part 3! New, never heard, world premier song in there. :) Thanks for your support.


I only need one more video to have a total of twelve on 3speak.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 5.14.31 PM

If you are on YouTube, you will like 3Speak better. It's worth looking into and exploring. Lots of new hungry viewers there. Nice support system and you will not be disappointed.


Thank you very much for supporting this video series @3speak and @themarkymark ,,,,

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More tutorial videos are on the way. It seems to be a popular topic.
More music videos featuring tetrahedroseph's music.
More teasing about the next Tetrahedroseph reggae album, "Mutation."
I have a HUGE back log of PeppeHead post for
... lots to do...

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 5.36.45 PM


Have a nice day.


That's sounding sick!! I'm looking forward to hearing this new album!