CBD Part 3 & 'The Goody Box' Unboxing

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I always try to give people and companies a fair chance before I form an opinion. I have come across some interesting devices when it comes to looking for CBD flower paraphernalia.

When I first tried out CBD it was in the form of oil that you put under your tongue. It was 90.00 US for a month's supply. It did not work at all for me. I promptly wrote it off as a new fad that will fade with time.

Last year while at @thealliance Block Party in Colorado I was lucky enough to meet @PrettyNiceVideo, @ScarletReaper, and @DaveDickeyYall. Through speaking to them over the long weekend I learned a lot about CBD and the many forms it comes in. In the back of my mind, I was determined to try it again to see if it would help with the pain I deal with daily.

Life Happened.

CBD was on hold again until I saw PrettyNiceVideo show herself unboxing a package from a company called Plain Jane. I took a look at their website after hearing how good the products were from a trusted source and ended up ordering a few of their prerolled CBD cigarettes.

I found for me and my body chemistry the prerolled CBD cigarettes worked wonders. I was taking less pain medication and even able to skip days while just relying on CBD. I was almost back to the point in my pain management that I had been two years ago.

I then fell and hurt my left knee.

The world decided to combust while I was waiting to see if my knee would heal on its own. It didn't. I found myself having to take pain meds from morning to night just to be able to get out of bed.

Having to take that much pain medication upset me more than falling and hurting my other knee a week later. I was tired of being in a fog every day. I knew from looking at the Plain Jane website I could get some CBD flower and it would offer me a bit higher dosage of CBD.

I ordered some.

You can hear about the first two experiences I had trying to find the paraphernalia that I liked/wanted by reading CBD part 1 & Smoke Cartel Mystery Unboxing and CBD Part 2 & 'The Weed Box' Unboxing.

The video above is what happened when I tried a third paraphernalia company that was selling a Mother's Day Mystery Box. It still boggles my mind what came in 'The Goody Box'. 🙀

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That's a screaming yellow zonker. Was a candied popcorn snack in the 60s geared to herbalists.

Maybe they made a small error and thought that mother was just half the word?

I've dislocated a finger, Besides a bit of pain, I have a problem typing in any normal sense. I've made this to copy/paste so I can at least let my peeps know that I'm reading. Sorry about this whole mess.

well, at least now I get why it is on there but it is still ugly :(

I am SO SO sorry to hear about your finger :( Thank you so much for taking the time to write out your comment HUGS

Oh, and our friend said, about the tractor, that IF he had the money that would be the tractor he would want. He knew all about it I guess

this is the tractor he drives now and the car he drives all the time :D



Your video made me laugh. I agree this box is not geared towards mothers at all, except maybe the flower sticker. I do love how these companies want to be sure you keep your feet warm while you are smoking!!! I am hooked on plain jane. My favorite so far is the golden cherry which is a little more expensive, but imo worth it. This week I am waiting on my moon rocks and another strain I haven't tried yet. I also like their flavored papers. I got grape and banana. I ordered 2 more packs that are random. I did get two seeds from the golden cherry, so I'm going to try and grow them. Not sure if they will grow here since the weather sux and I'm living in a basement apartment with no sunlight, but I'm going to try anyways :D Have a great weekend!


Now you need a purple light to grow your cherry plants :D

and Yaaaaaaaaaaa!! I am so happy to hear you like plain Jane!! I hope it helps a little.

I get the Kief and love that. I put some on top of the CBD Flower and use it that way.

I wasn't sure how to use the moon rocks so you will have to let me know!!

I have not tried the cherry kind yet. I am still working my way through the sampler packs I bought.

Yaaaaaaaay!! also for an apartment. we really need to get together and chat so you can tell me ..... well everything!!


There is a video of the moon rocks being reviewed under the product. I didn't know they had kief! ha ha. I don't think the cherry is in the samplers. I'll let you know how the moon rocks are when I get it. The description said it was stronger, so we'll see. I didn't realize I didn't tell you about the apartment. I moved in December so I have been here for almost six months now. Glad I got everything I needed to do done before the lock down. This state is crazy with regulations.


You just keep getting all banged up, need to get you some bubble wrap 🤗

we do!!

I had no idea about CBD at all until I watch your video. First I wanna say, you look pretty and please send me those socks and KitKat if you don't use and eat them :P .. I like the lighter, reminds me of my old lighter which I got from a super shop here, floral print..

Mother's day is now commercial.. :P I think it's bad purchase though..