Roadhouse Roundhouse Kick - Teletuesday Improvisation

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Here is a #teletuesday improvisation by @steevc on my black G&L ASAT. For this one I set a faster 145 bpm at 4/4 to see what I could come up with. First I came up with a basic snare/kick beat to play to then I played whatever came to mind on the guitar. I set the guitar to an open tuning of dadgde to allow for easier open fretboard playing. Once the guitar was recorded I sliced up the wav file and added different effects to each part. With the guitar fx in place via Bias fx 2 I started modifying the basic kick snare beat in midi to better match the mood of each part. The drums for this track are the Nashville kit by Toontrack in Superior Drummer 2.

The overall feel of this song kind of reminds me of all the roundhouse kicks that were delivered in the movie The Roadhouse lol. Thanks for listening :-)

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I don't get too into alternative tunings as I feel I have enough to learn with standard, but I have played some tunes that use drop D. That is a fine looking Tele and I love the tune.


I've tried quite a few alternative tunings but the dadgde is my favorite overall.



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