Why Dependents Should Receive a Stimulus Check!

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This video didn't come out as precise and clear as I would of liked, but I think my concerns came through. To keep the video short I didn't go into dependents with disability or elderly which I think have other good cases.

My simplified reasons for why dependent should be included retroactively and in the next stimulus check:

  1. Family needs to cover expenses
  2. Abusive households that students might be returning to or where students would have been able to partially escape through school
  3. 16-18 got $0 last time and their parents got $0. It doesn't make sense they still eat. The same goes for college students, elderly, and those with disabilities.
  4. Student loans
  5. Cost incurred from moving across the country, flights, leases signed at university locations
  6. Future economic outlook for college students (no summer jobs, internships, and bad job market for those graduating)

I don't understand why this group of people was not included. This video offer no financial advice.

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