If Corona was not enough, then we have Cyclone Amphan - but we will fight and win

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Cyclone Amphan is almost here - people of Odisha are prepared to fight with this as well. If Corona could not beat us, then nothing else can beat us. The administration is quite well prepared and there are continuous updates from the administration which is encouraging. Let's see how it goes in next few hours. As per administration, next 6 hours are going to be Critical.

There will be problems during this super cyclone - Electricity is not available for quite some time, and we are running on back up. My Internet provider also notified that, they will shut down if things goes into a bad shape. Its better to shut down for a day or two. Last time in Phani, they took months to restore the service. So this time they are more cautious.

Cyclone is now kind of part of our life - People of Odisha are now accustomed and there are enough preparation from the Govt, to save the maximum. I hope , no life is affected by this.
This is my first video on 3speak.online and I am glad My journey with 3speak.online is started with a unique tag Cyclone Amphan.

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Good to know damage was not too great, I first heard of this from a friend in Mumbai. Hope this finds you safe and sane during these challenging times.

And, thank you for your support 🙏

stay safe sanjeev and take care dear.

Thank you, its now over did not cause a lot of damage this time.

Definitely we will.