“Punktronic Disco Dirge – Ep. 38!” NEW EPISODE!!! (Selected by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool))

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Summer has begun, which means it’s too hot for me to go outside or sleep… (My family wants to drag me to Las Vegas…in AUGUST… I get wilty when the temperature hits 80 degrees F, so how the SMURF am I supposed to survive Vegas in AUGUST???)

Anyway, let’s play some tunes… Little bit of lounge, little bit of punk, little bit of techno, and some “I don’t know what that is” music! Ready? Let’s GO!

Punktronic Disco Dirge – Ep. 38!
Approx. 1 hour and 1 minutes

[Intro words]

---Meat Beat Manifesto – “Radio Mellotron” from Subliminal Sandwich (1996)
---Sparks – “Eaten By the Monster of Love” from Angst in My Pants (1982)
---Berlin Blonde – “The Rest” from Let’s Do It / The Rest single (2020)
---Jughead’s Revenge – “Young Turks” from Before You Were Punk (1997)
---Cypress Hill – “Pass the Knife” from Elephants on Acid (2018)
---David Bowie – “Magic Dance (Danny S Magic Party Remix)” from Magic Dance (Danny S Magic Party Remix) single (2003) (original version of song released in 1986)
---Peaches and Gonzales – “Red Leather” from Red Leather single (2000)
---Babble – “Chale Jao” from Coneheads – Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack (1993)
---Mocean Worker – “Velvet Black Sky” from Aural & Hearty (2000)
---Zounds – “Can’t Cheat Karma” from A Sides (Part One. 1979/1982) (1992) (song originally released in 1980)
---Ish – “Ish Revenge” from This is Techno Volume 4 (1992)
---Revenge – “Little Pig” from Gun World Porn EP (1992)
---Krafty Kuts feat. Dynamite MC – “Pounding (Deekline & Product01 Remix)” from Pounding single (2011)
---Yello – “I.T. Splash” from Solid Pleasure (1980)
---Othar Turner’s Rising Star Fife and Drum Corps – “Glory Hallelujah” from It Came from Memphis (1995)
---Grover & Marty – “Has Anybody Seen My Dog?” from Sesame Street Fever (1978)

Them’s the tracks!!! Hopefully, you caught a groove or two in there! If so, please consider dropping some cash on the track you found enjoyable. We want to support the performers and artists who make these things, especially if they’re still around and still need to eat!!! The tracks played in this show were chosen because I love them and were included for educational / appreciation purposes only! KEEP THE CUTS ALIVE!!!

---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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