Parenting in this lockdown!!

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Parenting is always hard. Especially for a first time Mom like me. It feels really stressful most of the time. And when we are living inside for many days without any outer refreshment, it became tougher.

Every day I struggle to find ways to make my son busy, happy, and entertained. Every day it feels like I'm in an emotional roller coaster. But every day it feels good also that we are okay, safe, and healthy.

I'm sharing my experience, emotions, and tips here. How are you managing?


Much Love

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I'm a Happy and Proud stay home Mom of a toddler boy.
I'm a life & nature enthusiast, I love to learn human psychology, I'm a 'Book worm' and very introvert but also love to travel. I'm trying to live mindfully and most importantly, I'm a positive learner.

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This lock down have been a lesson for us I suppose. While the stress that is building up it is indeed building up within everybody. Not able to do our daily life activities and stuck in our houses is enough for stress.
Somehow I also am listening to some facts like as I have been working from home for some time (before lockdown) some of my freiends are referring to the same thing, which is you are used to it, so why stress up. If only they knew what it really feels like. Btw nice topic and wise words as well.

No matter what people understand or accept the stress will be there and we have to find ways to make ourselves feel better.
Thanks for watching.
Stay safe 😇