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RE: I'm a bad Mom!!!

in Threespeak11 months ago

This entire story reminds me of some bad embarrassing situations of my mom's life, my mom's faced so many criticisms because of me especially for skin colors. My mom was pale and whenever we were together people said, Is this your daughter? She doesn't look like you...

People will be people, they never stop..


Oh! That's so annoying.
If a child comes out with lighter skin, everyone is happy. And if not then people act like it's mom's fault. As if she made it!
Don't bother their bulls**t!

Ya and another fun fact were, I was so skinny and people used to tell my mom that she is not feeding me or giving me proper food... They used to tell me that your mom is not feeding you properly right.. I mean WTF...

My son is also not that healthy and I face the same. Lol
How ridiculous people can be!

True.. it's the society that points this type of worst allegations but that doesn't define motherhood. I hope you are having a good day...