Metaphors or Riddles? - Which One I Like More and Why

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If you have watched some of my previous videos, you have probably noticed that I like to talk (and write) in metaphors... I don't know the real origin of that love, but I like to tease my brain by comparing things and thinking about different meanings...

In this video, I have tried to explain to the viewers (and to myself), why do I like metaphors... :) I had to travel back into my school days until the day when we learn about differences between the metaphor and the comparison... It was a love at the first sight :)

To be honest, I like all the brain teasers out there... But, I have also noticed, that I don't pay attention to those math riddles that you have on FB, where you have to calculate how much is valued some image, etc... It's probably the "aging thing"... lol...

I remember the time when I was doing a bunch of crosswords daily, but that doesn't amuse me anymore... Laziness? Maybe... On the other side, I have no problem moving my gray cells when I have some challenges in front of me where I can implement that in my real-life... to make it better for me, or someone else...

Brainstorming around some applicable idea is the easiest way to lure me into some discussion... So, if you want me to comment on your post or vlog, just create curiosity and you will receive some comments... :) As a matter of fact, I think that it's like that in most of the people... Curiosity will trigger action...

Check out the video... This one is without metaphors (just speaking about them), and tell me which one do you like more? Metaphors or riddles?

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Metaphors are great , however they can often be steeped in subjective related meaning.
There are the standard ones that are culturally nuanced and widely used, but then there are the ones that may be left field and hard to interpret because of their subjectivity.
Then there are cultural ones that are just plain ole designed for he culture of the person.
And they are as about as good as a hole in a gumboot


I didn't think about that view, but you are right about that... The cultural differences around the globe can make a big misunderstanding in communication... But, hey... Does that mean that we shouldn't use them? I will take a risk, but be gently with them :)

I'm addicted :)

We should always use them, part of the joy is thought, and if the metaphor doesn't come easily then figuring it out is part of the charm :)

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Thanks, Rob... Appreciate it!

I found that metaphores have an amazing pedagogical value. Our brain works with stories and when you use a story that a person is familiar with to illustrate something new, it can be much easier for that person to understand. In addition to that metaphores have the ability to challenge our conscious brain to interpret something using our own personal filters.

Metaphores work really well for myself. When I hear some metaphores not only do they incite me to reflect, they often also trigger my creativity.

I have nothing more to add... lol... You said exactly the same opinion as I have about them... And, as I said, I love them... I like to put my brain to work around many stuff, and try to be creative and effective!

Thanks for the comment!

I sometimes can't help expressing my view of things and when it aligns with the view of the author it can look a bit repetetive, sorry about that;-)

I'm finding it encouraging... It shows me that I am not alone in my weird thinking... lol