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Yesterday it started to snow a little in our neighbourhood, much to the excitement of the children. It wasn't going to last as today the temperature would rise above 0 °C. Nevertheless, this morning there was enough left to give the impression of a snowy landscape.

We went to a nearby nature reserve, called "Leersumse Veld". The idea was to let the children build a snowman, make a little walk and of course I brought my drone with me.

It's difficult getting good looking footage very erly in the morning with the sky looking grey and the ground looking white. Not a lot of colours and not a lot of contrast. Most of the shots I made were of the children making their snowman. And those are of course private. I incorporated only two of those in this video, where the faces of my family are not recognizable.

I did a little post processing, to enhance the contrast a little bit, a give it a little more colour. Not too much though, to stay true to the feeling of a grey, cold winter's morning.

Edit: I see now I mistakenly uploaded the version without any footage of my children making a snowman. As I can't edit the video in this post, it's now a little shorter than I intended to...

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Ice and ice in your living place. The video is amazing @partitura

THanks, glad you like it.

How do you shot the video. It seems that you are a professional cameraman.

I recently bought myself a drone, the DJI mini2. And now I'm learning to fly it and make some nice looking footage with it. So, no, I'm not a professional, far from it...

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Nice to see the land covered with snow... Although I am sorry for not seeing the snowman your children made.

The background music is cool 😎👌

I made a picture of it as well:


Thank you for the photo ❄️🙏🤗

I haven't make any for a few years now 😭

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