3speak Boat Trip - The reason why we are Hive

in Threespeaklast year (edited)

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After Steemfest4 big number of us went to Koh Chang in Thailand. I have to say we had an amazing time over there. Who need to know he know. One of the day @theycallmedan and @starkerz organise @threespeak sponsored boat trip. I think this sort of event give everyone more confidence, more bond as a community and helped us to be together during fight for a blockchain early this year. No matter how we call it but we all knew what we want, I believe that bond is shown exactly in this short video, maybe you can see some steem logo, but trust me it doesn't matter as I can be confident that we all are hive community now.

It took me some time to edit it, not because it's hard, but it because all fight, I wasn't sure where are we going, and I'm glad that I can share what we were all about when we were saying it's about community.

Just a little note from me, I never came back from Asia after steemfest - now totally stuck but I'm trying to use my time to focus more on my backlog including steemfest video which is lagging due to covid and fight with steemit , you can expect video soon.

Please share this video with the rest of community, so people can understand what is all that about. Sending Love from Malaysia.

@martibis | @haveyoubeenhere

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Helllll yes! What an epic time. Truly one of the best days ever in an absolute paradise with some of the coolest people on the planet. Thanks for capturing this Raf. Cheers dude. Hope we could all get together again someday for another round !

Hodle it! 🤫 🤣

Such a handsome man @jeffjagoe 😍😍😍😍

Everyone looks better in Thailand

hahaha makes me realize that right now I am wellllll overdue for a shave and a haircut lmao

Legendary boat trip!!! Fantastic footage, Raf, and thanks for capturing these memories with all you dope mofos!

Simply blasting! The joy and fun... all the best for more new things like this. Life is amazing... this community is AMAZING! I will never forget about this experience.

The group off ppl that no matter how hard u tried, alcohol and partying just couldn’t kill them :)) best times in life! Thank u all! Xx

The famous boat trip!

This makes me so mad that I missed on SteemFeat 4 🤬.
Freakin best friend’s wedding !

Awesome boat!!

Work hard, party hard and simply be free. This is what HIVE is all about compared with STEEMIT and we can here develop ourselves without asking ourselves of some company making the decisions.

lovely boat trip. i want that 3sepak t shirt and cap :p