Heron trying to eat a Suckermouth catfish

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Hello friends, this time I want to show you what I found in the park, a heron trying to eat a fish called Suckermouth catfish, in this area this fish became a plague, the last few days I have been talking to the biologist responsible for the place and she told me that the fish is exterminating the local fish, such as mojarras and lobinas.

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The truth is that I have been thinking about dedicating more time to nature photography, and of course also to video, but every time I think about it many problems arise, mainly because my camera is an entry level one, it only has nine focus points, and shoots 3 pictures per second, it also has no image stabilization, luckily the zoom lens with which I take these photos and videos has it, another thing that is killing me is that my camera has no external microphone input.

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Despite everything that is against me, I manage to get the best I can, I walk silently as if I were a cat until I get to an area where I can make use of my gear, I always carry my tripod with me to have a more stable image, the only bad thing today was that the heron was in a very sunny area, and that forced me to also be in the sun, which was very tiring for me and my camera.

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I was very impressed by all the movements she was making to swallow the fish, obviously she didn't want it to get stuck, but as I already mentioned, the heron was under the sun, so after a few minutes I went on my way, although apparently she liked my company since she flew to where I was, it was when I tried to take the next picture, it was curious how the eye came out very focused and the rest was a little out of focus, you can't tell if you don't zoom in.

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All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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