DPC Jam Judges Trailer

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DPC Judges Trailer

A 3speak Trailer Promo for Main stream Social Media. Imagine that such videos are also censored on youtube? Subcultures are suppressed and often a strange image is projected on them in the main stream media. Specially a rather criminal and a bigoted attitude is shown. Sex, crime, violence and drugs sell?One such is Hip Hop. Hip Hop is highly sophisticated and more elaborate than most people are aware of. It's also highly positive and an international movement that is the most global and cosmopolitan Community. Might also be because the masses don't hear poetry and others ambiguous meanings. The truth wont be found within the masses. Like most good music was on vinyl and not CD's most conscious hip hop heads don't listen to what everyone knows. The MFG leverages the power of decentralisation for it's historical repository of Breaking Videos, Shaolin Gong Fu and other sports that touch the limits in the realm of what is thought to be possible. The Mind Force Gathering is a Hive Community involving Kinesthetics, Vocalism, Auditory, Visuals, Gustatory, Mind and Consciousness. Mainly Music, Composing, Sampling and Scratching using Turntables, Dance and Martial Arts, Beat Boxing Singing and Emceeing, Graffiti and Street Art, New Plant Based Food and alternative products made from eco friendly Materials, Science and epistemology. Subscribe to our #hive-127039 Community, follow or delegate to @mind.force . We are a Community making up a hivemind connected to various other communities we encourage. The idea is to promote performing arts, pod casts, radio shows, create events globally and to support your local hive artists. Big shout outs to @termitemusic, @shimozurdo, @djlethalskillz, @elbrujo, @onemedia, @d-vine and many, many more who support and will be supported by our community in the future.

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Reppin the movement! 🙌

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