DPC Jam 2019 Judges Introduction

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DPC Jam 2019 Judges Introduction

A World Record breaking event at the DPC Jam 2019 in Zurich.

Introducing judges

  • Kaku
  • Lil'Ceng
  • Art-One

Big Thanks to the Leo and the entire D.Point.C, Art-One for being the hosts a revolutionary event. Gathering some serious names like:

  • LilZoo & Tsukki (Austria / Japan)
  • Cheerito & Alkolil (Russia)
  • Kaos & Minijoe (Venezuela)
  • Noe & The Wolfer (France/Austria)
  • Light & Chaulin (Germany)
  • Grom & Alvin (Russia / Venezuela)
  • Hong10 & Issei /RedbullBcOne Allstars (Korea/Japan)

During a series of two events and a weeks time frame, the collaboration of the French and the German part of Switzerland was a magnificent feat of organisation. Groove Session and DPC were epic experiences shared with a global community of dancers. We encourage anyone to attend such events. The MFG Captured one camera angle from the top. The back angle footage by D.Point.C is publicly available view on youtube:

shout outs to @quest-skool, India.@rawgun,

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I love this, amazing moves!