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RE: Odoghan - Overrated (Fitness dance)

in Threespeak3 months ago

you have the best job in the world. dancing to get fit!


Yes I do. :)

I'm planning on expanding this dancing thing to walking in the streets, shopping and to doctor visits. I mean why walk when you can dance, right? So I'm asking you if it is a wise thing to do?

It could really work for a certain individual who doesn't necessarily care what other ppl thinks. I often wanted to break into dance on my commute home on the train so this idea appeals to me! I'm all for squeezing in that extra bit of workout wherever I can during the day! I say good idea!! But you gotta get the execution right!!

So it's okay if I, the next time when I have to go to the doctor and they ask: "What seems to be the problem?" I just kick ball change, slide to the side and shuffle back as I say (perhaps even sing): "I can't stop dancing, dancing, yeah!"?