Happy belated birthday @theycallmedan. You are an inspiration and a great promoter

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I have decided to put together most of your Twitter posts and compile then in the video. I couldn't get a better picture story so I decided to use viva to make the video sorry for the intro at the beginning of the video it's not a story it's a compilation of greatness.

You are a true example of a leader and a good motivator and promoter. Evil prevail because good men refuse to speak. You have proven that you won't keep quiet in the face of evil, an example is the the steem JS saga where you spoke out. The hype you give to Hive is what keeps many here and is still brining more men here. After seeing your wife's post @gabbygoldenxo I thought it wise to say happy belated birthday Mr Hive.
The title Mr Hive is particularly to me and only me knows why I gave you that title. I wish you long life and more coins in your wallet.

Happy belated birthday @theycallmedan

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Thank you so much for making this video and the happy birthday wishes! Cheers!

I am glad thank you sir!

Jeez! You made $20.41 from this post? Waow mind-blowing