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RE: Volatility Is A Part Of Crypto: Get Use To It

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The volatility is something everybody new to crypto has to get used to first.
I gifted some BTC to two of my friends for Christmas and tried to educate them a bit on the matter. Fun enough, they were going full FOMO within days and I had to convince them a long time that there is no now or never-situation going on.
Still, volatility will probably get lower over time the more institutional money gets into the market. It might still take years to see the effect, though.

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The entire crypto market needs to grow a great deal to reduce the volatility. We need to triple in size before I think it settles down.

That is a lot of money that needs to be generated but, hey, we can create our own.

Get another couple hundred million people involved from around the world and you will see a different situation.

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