Manifesting the Village: What are your ideas for buying land? (rewarding good comments)

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Before watching this, or responding to it, please read (or at least skim and leave open in another tab) my piece "Owning The Land", which explains some of the core values I'm working with for this project.

Basically, I want to shift from the idea of one person or a few people owning a piece of land, to a Trust, which many people are trustees of, which represents their stewardship of the land. Living with the land rather than just on the land.

What I'm looking for today (well, for a while now, but what I'm asking for today) is ideas on how to purchase the land. I don't, at the moment, have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to drop on it (go crypto, go!), and it does seem more fitting for such an open-container, community-focused project to be paid for by a coming together of the community who will be calling it home, and maybe their broader community.

Since I know some of you don't like to watch videos, currently the best option I have in mind is by setting aside 100 acres of the land (looking at 150-250 acres minimum) and basically selling shares in the land at $10,000 each. People without that cash could still come and live and build in the common areas (after vetting and such), and those that want to build a house with a yard, grow a labyrinth, cultivate a particular eco-system, etc. can all do so. 100 shares at $10,000 is $1M, which means 3-4 times the cost of the land itself. That means there will be plenty of communal funds for things like building materials, the land patent process, etc.


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Cryptos go up, land prices go down.

Now, selling plots suck.
Because not all plots are created equal, and you really don't want your housing spread out.

However, what almost always happens in any group is, you have a few money people, and a bunch of free loaders.
Now, the free-loaders may be good people, have needed skills, and just be very poor with money.

Next part is a group needs to be able to throw a person out.
And, how does that work with a trust? Basically, you have to have a stipulation to buy them out. And that means you have to have cash, or something to give to them.

Soooo, how do you go about building a community where people feel like they won't just get kicked out for office politics, but also, can split or emit bad apples (before they ruin the barrel)

Ya, the tying of money into the membership is something that doesn't seem like it can align with any of the values. I guess best-case would be simply crypto bull-running this year, and letting the land come that way.

All decisions will be done by consensus, including the creation of the agreements, which will include a variety of conflict resolution practices for just in case.

The bad apples will mostly be weeded out beforehand, through full vetting (digital, psychic, interview, etc.), and I've spent enough time at Rainbow to spot the difference between a "free-loader" and a drainbow pretty quickly.

Basically, I'm just trying to brainstorm ideas for how this can unfold, to help with the manifestation process :-)

There will be one important factor in the near future.

It will be life and death.
Meaning, most people will be in a place where they have to work it out.
They can't laze about
They can't just ignore the relationship at the detriment of the relationship.

The one thing that i hate, because i am this sort of person,
is that say you buy a piece of land (with your crypto winnings)
and build the structures, which attract some people
and the group starts to grow

... then something happens, where you are on the outside of the group
and you are "voted off the island".

i hate that, but it is also important to be able to remove any bad apple.
(or anyone who is not a fit to the group)

For me, in all my relationships, i have been the one to put in all the work up front.
I build things, i work out how to get the land.
And so, in the first years, it was all me.
Later, you would think that people would be appreciative,
but since you built everything solidly, all it requires is a little maintenance

and it becomes, "what have you done for us lately"

My input on buying land.

Have a source of fresh water on the property. Be close to the beach, yet elevated and safe from flooding. Space for farming and livestock. Just some of my must haves when buying for long term.

Water & space are definitely two of the big priorities for land. Not so sure about the beach, but that's mostly since the options for ocean-front aren't nearly as good as inland (in terms of limiting government involvement & nearby populations, etc.)

At the moment, I'm mostly trying to see what ideas people have for how to buy the land. I've got thousands of hours into researching the crops, architecture, decision-making, conflict resolution, etc... but the part that seems the hardest to find breakdowns of is how people actually came up with the money and made the purchases (assuming someone didn't just have it laying around.)

Sounds like you and I have a similar situation. My family is full of builders willing to help me, but they leave me on my own to find land. I have no idea how all of that works 😫😩

I wish I had the funds to get involved with this! I look forward to the updates.

A big part of my plan is it being a co-creation, a full-on village :-)

100 people/families each throwing in $10k...

have you visited dancing rabbit eco-village? they have succeeded in a lot of these areas......the thing that i would really suggest is that everyone who applies to live there should have a 6 month period of time, then the existing villagers vote on the new person, generally the group knows what is best for them.