Rioting in the wake of George Floyd - Racism isn't the problem!

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As many of you know, various places around the USSA are currently under curfews, on top of their lock-downs, due to rioting.

Here's the video of the very first person to start the rioting, in Minneapolis. I've seen claims in multiple places around the net that he has been outed as a cop, but haven't seen the direct proof yet. Certainly, historically, most protests gone violent have turned that way because of government agents, a la WTO Seattle.

The important thing here is really the discussion of why people are rioting (the story they're fed) as compared to the actual situation. We know that the US is the largest government to ever have existed (by # of laws or global military presence), we know that "government" is simply some people who claim to have a monopoly on violence, and we know that the entire idea of black & white (in reference to skin color) was created by the wealthy bankers/politicians in the wake of Bacon's Rebellion, to keep all the poor folk separated. Seems to have worked quite well.

Let's run through two examples:

  • A road pirate ("cop") kills someone. Doesn't matter the skin color of the pirate or the victim, the pirate is going to get paid vacation, then go right back to work.
  • An outspokenly racist light-skinned human kills a dark-skinned human. Neither one is a government thug. The killer is held responsible for his actions.

Notice how the racism part has nothing to do with a certain class/gang getting away with murder time and again?

Do you remember to the last time (and previous times) when there was a mass shooting, and all the people currently out wailing against the police were instead marching in the streets, demanding that only police be allowed to have guns? Literally begging for the oppression of themselves and others.

Anyway, just some quick thoughts here, I'm working on an in-depth piece about police violence, gun control, the people at the top using race to divide, etc. Be sure to follow me on Hive to catch it all!


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thanks for your thoughts
massiv issue: many people in the west work for government or big corporations,
so directly profit from governemnt and taxes.

Absolutely! If you add in all the people who are dependent on social security, military pension, welfare, food stamps, etc... There's a whole lot of people who would normally be on the side of abolishing institutional violence & coercion... but end up with such a cognitive dissonance hurdle in actually moving towards that goal.

Bro, government is not the problem. It's a symptom of covert overlord infestation. It's just one manifestation of that infestation. Fractional reserve banking is another. Please add to your list of things to absolutely not participate in banks, as I have for more than a decade now.

You are quite lucid, more than capable of grasping this fact. I dunno why you fail to attack banksters where it matters, the banks, but I suggest not doing so is a mistake. Banks are as central to the oppression covert overlords exert as cops and government, if not more so.


I haven't used banks for over a decade myself, and talk about it quite a bit. I don't see any difference between government, banks, corporations. They are all imaginary boxes that some violent criminals have made to distort the truth and keep themselves from being held responsible for their actions.

Good on ya.

Banks are awesome devices for stealing, but stealing is bad.

I'm agin' it.

Word! Important message reblogged.
Keep on , Kenny ;)
Thank you.

Thanks for sharing :-)

Have a great day!

Thanks! You too, my friend!
Did you already stopped paying taxes, if yes, is Babylon "gettin' at you" for it..?

I never did. Worked full time jobs over a decade as "exempt," have never had an issue.

And I gave that up about 5 years ago, only "worked" for myself since.

Gotta find out how to become an "exempt" here, the only people who i heard of , did it with
"statelessness "