The Great STEEM Heist & I'm Now Censored off the Steem Chain

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As you may or may not know, there has been a LOT of crazy stuff going on with the Steem blockchain this year. It started with the purchase of StInc, peaked with a full-on hostile take-over of the network with collusion by multiple exchanges, gave birth the a new, more decentralized, blockchain called Hive, and since Steem has become something of a running joke.

Just a few days ago, @blocktrades announced that they would be suspending STEEM exchanges due to a closed-code, secret HF about to be rolled out on STEEM. Well, in the morning of May 20th, HF 0.23 was rolled out, at about the same time that @steemitblog announced it.

The whole point of this HF was to steal the funds from 65 accounts, mostly the previous STEEM witnesses (before the hostile takeover) and some other large stakeholders. The HF went through as planned, and all the funds were stolen, being transferred to the account @community321. But that's where things went awry for Mr. Sun: his account had been compromised, and the funds were all sent to @Bittrex (a large crypto exchange) with this memo: These are funds stolen by the Steem witnesses using HF23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork :) Next Justin Sun was sent a message from his lost account, saying "Stealing is Bad" in Korean.

Finally, he "white knight" posted a message from the account that was used to funnel the stolen funds.

We now await Bittrex's actions.

I'm also banned from Steem now... HA!

Here's what my Account looks like on SteemPeak

And here's what my Account looks like on Steemit

It's certainly unfortunate that Steem has had to die the public, lingering death that it has. On the up-side, at least here on Hive we don't have to explain to everyone that we're not talking about the Steam gaming platform.

If you're interested in learning lots more about Hive, be sure to follow me to catch the upcoming re-boot for Hive of my old 2 Minute Steem Tips from back in the day.


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I just finished a full write up on these topics that I scheduled to release in a few hours. Sorry they booted your Steem blog bro, that is beyond rude at this point, especially considering how much you have contributed to the platform's advancement. These are the type of people that would come in your house and steal your gifts on Christmas. Still, I am glad we have Hive to give people an example of how real community can flourish. Let's step up to the plate and deliver!

All good, I was done with that place anyway. Now I can post stuff, upvote it, and BS won't see it :-P

Meanwhile Hive is thriving!

hey Kenny...just wondering if I should / could stake some hive steem to abundance.tribe? Elamental suggested I ask you...

Blessings! Yes, we are actively looking to build the @Abundance.Tribe HP! Not focusing on Steem at all, but we can always shift it over. Working our way up to 1/day posts from AT - contests, evergreen curations, biweekly question, etc. Big times!

ok I staked 50 Hive Power to abundance.tribe, maybe more later. thanks so much for what you are doing!

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I pretty much tendered my own resignation after hearing this news. Bye STEEM...
Long live HIVE!

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"bad boy kennie" :D


Interesting post, Kenny. A couple of questions if you have the time...

First do you have any country in mind, yet, for this project?

Secondly, how did you get outlawed on steemit? A link that might explain the circumstance would be fine.

First do you have any country in mind, yet, for this project?

Currently the top of my list is the US (more specific, but I'm not sharing the fine details in public), partially because of land patents here, partially because I don't like the way so many go to "third world" countries and price the land out of the range of the native/locals (CR, Guatemala, Belize, PR, etc.), and partially because the US is still so empty when you're far away from those big cities.

Secondly, how did you get outlawed on steemit?

Pretty sure it was a post I put out called Steem, it was nice while it lasted, but I was also commenting about StInc's BS as well.

Currently the top of my list is the US ...

That would likely be a deal breaker for my participation however will be following with interest and wishing you every success.