Introducing Hive, Peakd, and 3Speak - With @TerryBrock & @KennysKitchen

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Join me, and my good friend @TerryBrock, as we give an introduction to the Hive blockchain, as well as some of its most popular front ends: @peakd & @threespeak.

This video is also being shared on FB & Twitter, along with a link from HiveInvite for people to create free Hive accounts (thanks to the @Abundance.Tribe, formerly @Tribesteemup)

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In this video, my friend Terry Brock & I go over some of the basics of the Hive blockchain, some of the main front-ends, and a few reasons why we think you should be on Hive.

Hive is a fork (open-source term) from Steem, the platform I've been using for 4 years now to release all my content, interact with people, and earn income. A couple months back, due to a hostile takeover by some Chinese crypto exchanges, Steem became centralized, so our community launched Hive.

All the same benefits & features, without the screwy-from-the-start centralization of stake that Steem had. Free to join, no account needed to read/watch all content, and everyone has the chance to get paid for posts & comments, just based on their "up-votes."

Expect more videos about Hive from me over the near future, as I try to pull more people out of the abyss that is FB.

For anyone who wants to get started on Hive, here is a link to create a free account. (Important Note: Be sure to save your keys, because unlike centralized platforms, there is nobody to "reset" it for you): link here


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Looking forward to those future videos you guys talked about.

Good looks on the promo guys - very clear and concise - re-blogged.

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