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We had an absolute BLAST tonight at our weekly webinar!

And we discussed a topic that seems to pop up...All the time!

Everyone is excited to get involved in crypto projects...But they don't want to invest huge capital into learning the ropes...

This is why HIVE and CTP Talk are so important!

There are so many projects, RIGHT NOW, rewarding you for simply...Engaging with their blogs and projects!

From @russellstockley to @flaxz to @abh12345 ....There are so many HIVE / CTP community members trying to get you more involved :)

And rewarded!

Thanks for watching the webinar and shout out to @blockstyle for the amazing new HIVE shirt I bought last month...This thing fits perfectly and looks awesome!!!

Learn how to build your affiliate marketing business...On the blockchain!

=> https://StartEarning.Today

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Love the enthusiasm here guys!

Thanks for mentioning the Engagement League along with the other projects encouraging people to interact.

Also, the 'getting paid to be entertained' (and up-vote stuff you like) needs to be pushed out to the WWW as much as possible - this is the best kept secret on the net!


100% agree man!

I think it's a great angle and when pushed properly people will get very curious and start to poke around more.

Thanks for the comments and the tip man, greatly appreciated :)

I hope we have many more people poking around soon, cheers!

It was a great webinar last night. @jongolson you were definitely on a roll. Thank you so much for bring things down to a level I understand. I am trying to catch up as fast as I can but not there yet.

Thanks man, appreciate you swinging by last night and glad you found it valuable :)

I liked the example of you going back to zero and already over 5k ctp. Anyone can do it if they are willing to put in the work!!

For sure, wanted to show and prove that it can be done...It's exciting to me to see how much can be accomplished in only 2-3 short weeks.

I really enjoyed this one and am reblogging it so I can find it quickly as there's a lot of stuff I want to follow up on...

Listened to it on YouTube while cooking dinner on Tuesday-is-Dad's-cooking-night. It lasted 52 minutes, which was exactly how long it took me to cook from start to finish, so a very enjoyable way to get dinner done!

YouTube makes unicorns cry....Watch it on 3speak ;)


Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

I find there is real friction in switching from old and easy habits such as watching videos on YouTube and searching for stuff on Google. YouTube is so easy, and so is Google... and the ingrained habit and ease of access makes it difficult in a busy day to remember to take the one or two extra steps - and to take those steps even if I remember!

Oh I hear ya man, same here

Thanks for the awesome webinar! I have signed up to the Engagement League... Sounds like a lot of fun!

It's slick. A great way to get to know other Hive members outside of our little tribe too. A big win!

I couldn't agree more on quality product > marketing. I didn't start using Facebook back in the day because of their marketing. I started using Facebook because it was cleaner than Myspace. When users realize there's a value in censorship resistance then Hive will be at the forefront of their lists. If they have an easy way to interact then things are only going to become even more interesting.

I didn't start using Facebook back in the day because of their marketing. I started using Facebook because it was cleaner than Myspace.

This! So much this! When people understand that, onboarding, marketing, and promoting the blockchain becomes that much easier.

People like simple!

But they don't want to invest huge capital into learning the ropes...
i am an example i am always afraid of the risk

I think you are investing though...The more time you put in, and learning it, you are investing your most precious asset into it...Time :)

You are right on this


Wow thanks a lot for the shoutout Jon, and by the way I do a daily drawing too now for #LukeIsAlive, gets people more motivated to be consistent, and I also just started tipping for engagement in the #IAmAliveChallenge, need to get that up a bit, and it's even easier to do with @tipu, just fund it and say !tip keep up your awesome work.

I still have no idea how Tipu works lol

One more thing to learn on the never ending journey lol

hey mate, you had some write to understand CTP??? I speak Spanish and I understand a blog post than a video on english, thank you.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah we do a lot more blog posts on @clicktrackprofit for more info on CTP :)

Great show as always some great ideas on making money with very little effort. Keep the great ideas coming.

Tons of them....Problem is, one developer LOL

Missed the webinar but watching the replay now :)

Awesome man, let me know what you think and if you have any questions at all :)

It was a good motivating replay liked the parts where you were sharing the various projects from @russellstockley and @flax were doing.

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