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RE: How To Attract Those Who Will Be Potentially Displaced By The "Purge"

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I think Locals was considered one of the sites that people were migrating too after all this nonsense. There were a few others but I can't really name them off the top of my head.

Question: Would the blockchain be able to handle all the traffic if these people were to theoretically stampede into HIVE (posting, commenting, etc)?

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Depends upon how many of these people started to stampede.

I think things could be upgrades quickly to handle more traffic. There is no reason why we cant 10x the daily users fairly easily.

If we suddenly had 1 million people posting 10 comments a day, it might be an issue. However, I think we can handle a lot more than what people think. The optimization of the blockchain over the last 9 months by blocktrades etal really helped things out.

Some of the apps might have a problem. It would kill Hive-Engine though I would think.

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Few ads here and there can bring in revenue to make up for the extra cost. With the user numbers going up Hive price is going to go up too. It'll be mostly a smooth sailing to 100X user base in 1 year as long as that can also mean $10 Hive (which is fairly reasonable)

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