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RE: Unsupporting 3Speak??? || ¿3Speak sin apoyo?

in Threespeak3 months ago

I think the embed/upload issues are due to various updates in the works. Hive Blog is constantly being updated and so is Peakd. 3Speak is likewise undergoing work. Hopefully soon everything will stabilize but for now any issues should be reported and you can move off YouTube to Hive-based solutions like you said.

For 3Speak a ticket can be created at and someone will process it.
For Hive Blog is where users can report problems/glitches.

Just so you are aware, @wehmeon is no longer involved in 3Speak. The proper contact is only @starkerz.


Thank you for your feedback. I know that (fortunately) many of these errors are because there are people working and that's great. It's just I don't like when we have to make a call to use external apps like Youtube, but when #openmic or any other projects ask to do so, I understand them.

It's important that you shared the links for support. Now I hope that instead of calling to use other apps, everyone make a ticket for this kind of problems and we stop boosting centralized alternatives.

Btw. I don't think there is something wrong about using Youtube or any other centralized app, but I think we don't have to promote them... 😉