GrooveCast 002 with Groove Logic

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Groove Logic is back with another drum and bass set on this episode of the GrooveCast.

Trying some new things with the visuals, hopefully each video will keep getting better.



  1. Down With You - Showdown & Kid Spirit
  2. Budapest - Battletek
  3. Kilauea - Bensley
  4. Losing Myself - Blaine Stranger
  5. Pressure - Showdown
  6. Revolving - Vektral
  7. Rhythm Kata - Skydata
  8. Got You There (feat. Zelah) - Matrix & Futurebound
  9. The Other Side Of The Force - J. Brown & Shotik
  10. Halcyon (Extended Vocal Mix) - Mykool

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good stuff man! I really like what you've done with the 33:33

Not sure if you know about it but since you're a music producer, Emanate is an incredible project, although not in HIVE but EOS, but why not check it out.

Looking into listening to this set while doing some work.

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Here is the audio only version on Mixcloud!


How do you make the visuals? These are pretty sweeeeeeeet!