Epic-Fail Mango Shake Preparation - Funny Video

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Hello everyone! It's me fycee again sharing a good laugh for good vibes across the universe!

If there is a term overflow then this is a great example of "underflow"!.
Check it out!

It's already summer time and the heat wave just passed by and the humidity is rising that's why I decided to prepare a mango shake for me and my mom and this is what had happened.

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Raw file taken by my Oppo A5S mobile phone:

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Lololol sa "underflow". 😁🤣

Naisip ko Lang Yun hahaha

That was cute lol

Sayang nga Yung natapon!

Hahahahaha... Nyare? Nabasag Yung shake? 🤣

Grabeh Naman sa nabasag tsong! Wala messy syempre hehehe. Salamat po sa pagbisita.