Grateful To My Employer For The Hotel Accomodation

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I would like to thank VXI - Makati for providing us shelter while we go to work despite of this Enhanced Community Quarantine. We all decided to take the risk to still work despite the fact that the National Capital Region (NCR) has the highest number of positive covid19 cases.

The company has given us the opportunity to work above the normal wage we get plus all the amenities and freebies that we have.

  1. Double Pay. Double the deduction for any tardiness incurred as well.
  2. 50% Hazard Pay
  3. Night Differential Computed as 20% from the doubled hourly rate.
  4. Free Food (2-meal stubs) which costs 75 pesos or $1.5 per meal.
  5. Free Soap, alcohol and toiletries.
  6. Laundry allowance of 400 pesos per week. ($8.00)
  7. Hotel Accomodation costs 2,000 - 2,500 pesos per day ($50) per person.
  8. Free Shuttle Van.
  9. Daily reachable Sales Hypes that could make an average number of sales per person at least 4-5,000 pesos ($100). Sometimes up to 8,000 pesos per day. ($150)

Thank you so much!

This opportunity lasted for almost 60 days from the time of the start of the Community Quarantine up until May 16, 2020.

If you have a company that has passion for their employees then you should really be grateful. Always do your best and always observe work ethics.

I'm not here to brag but just be proud I am a part of this organit.

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Mayayamanin... 🤔 Ganda ng room, relaxing! Meron ba jacuzi? Sarap mag Abad sa mainit na tubig Dyan...

Tapos na buhay mayaman hehehe hot and cold shower lang po. Dun sa isang hotel may bath tub po.

Sarap... Kahit bath tab lang okay na... ☺️ Pero pwede na din basta soft bed at medyo malamig... ☺️

Wow, mapapasana all ka na lang 😅.

Recently di na namin nakukuha yung sales hype kahit 2-3k per day Kasi Wala na masyado calls. Peteks mode na lang kami.

China oil, ang ganda dyan, deserve mo yan enjoy lang.

Tapos walang pasok ngyon hanggang 30th hahaha kakainis.

I may say that we have the same experience during quarantine period but not as much as yours. When I arrived here in Cebu, as a requirement from our project director, I was put into a self-quarantine for two weeks, with full salary and free meal.

Sorry for the super late response! Nakabalik na po Kayo from Cebu? Hope you are doing well now.