Bribing Our Pets To Run on a Treadmill At Home

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This Lockdown restricts us from going outside even in the neighborhood just like before this covid19 pandemic hits the world. So as our pets. I decided to use the phone of my friend to capture this moment where we do some funny stuff to our pets. Then just transferred the file to my phone and upload it to our community for the laughs.

It's funny that our pets won't really do what we say so we decided to put some gimmick for them to follow us. And luckily, it worked.

Pets can do a work out so why can't we? Just needed to get motivated and reward ourselves with something for us to do it consistently.

Do we need to do this to ourselves or just pure self-discipline and focus?

Share your thoughts guys!

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Cute dogs! 😍

Hehehe thanks po.

Exercise din pag may time hahaha nice doggy

Oo nga buti pa sila. Kami mga amo Ang tatamad hahaha