True proverb "Health is wealth"

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Hello Guys!
This video will boost you to keep everything clean including yourself. 4 decades ago we have a proverb Health is wealth so this proverb is best fit in this pandemic situation where only healthy people is safe and there is no value of money. Money has no power to save any infected people from covid19. We should keep our circumstances clean. This video is encouraging to focus to keep yourself healthy first. Rich people and famous politician has already destroyed in this pandemic hence to be fit and healthy is only way to keep yourself away from any infection.

First i would like to inform that same video has been uploaded using @dtube but video got rotate and looks weird hence uploading again with @threespeak. I tried to edit it but no avail.

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Hi brother!
You are absolutely right. money is not everything. we cannot save our life with money only one way that we can survive this time that is our immunity system and it is mostly depend on health is wealth.