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RE: Teaching My Dad GagargeBand for iPhone Part 2

in Threespeak8 months ago

Has your dad been taking the advice from these tutorials?


Inspiring question, thanks.
Short answer is, yes.
He said better than most.


(I hope he feels that way about part 2 and 3... I’m wanna get back to the fisheyes lens technique I used in the first video.)

Thanks again for asking. I have a fun series of text messages from Dad. Your question has inspired me to share a post about his/OUR progress through the process.

Glad that's working out well.

Always nice to hear from you man.

Yeah me too. He’s been a very open minded person for his age and fear of tech. I’ve spent a lot of time telling him, “Dude, you ain’t got nothing, and if you did ‘they/computers, whatever, already got it!” It’s healthier to make music and create songs... not that escape and ignorance is bliss, just saying, we can remain chill and musical and productive in quarantine and isolation-ishness.