Do You Have Crypto Regrets? Here's Some of Mine...

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Good Morning..
#crypto #blockchain projects/regrets is the topic in mind this morning.

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I have tons of them. I regret not buying my first BTC back in 2017, when I intended and it was $3,700. I regret not selling my alts at the peak. I regret not listening to my intuition that would make me some good trades, and I regret buying on FOMO. Those are just a few that cross my mind now.

Oh damn. Following your gut instinct take a lot of training. I hope you have been working your ways towards it since then. Better days ahead.

I have no regrets so far.

DTC has the potential to really blow up. The existing video platforms with their own crypto are either not on a blockchain, or they're based on tipping (like LBRY).

I think so too. Either way, may the best platform take us to mass adoption :D