2-3 Daily Posts| How to be Consistent on HIVE Ft. How I Do It

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Very Big thanks to @k-banti for ragging me on this #communityama question this week.

I have since forever been preaching about the importancce of consistency and how you can leverage what we have on this block-chain to make it work for you and your blog.
On this vlog, I share with you guys sometips you can use to grow your blogs by pushing at least 2-3 posts a day. It's really not that hard, also talked about how I manage to do it and the benefits of it. Recognition takes time and a lot of work, so let's making it easier shall we?


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I was consistent, to be honest, even I have posted 4 contents here on hive though but sometimes I can't. Maybe something is bothering me but I don't know. Hopefully, soon I will start posting more content...

It's called a creators block, we all get it from time to time. Your inspiration will come back when you're ready!

Oh ya, well, for now, I am just going with the flow... Let's see where my boat will take me :P

😄 I knew right, you've got super powers. Elsie I so much appreciate your response to my question. Honestly I was astonished when I saw you draw out a paper containing list of tips you want to share with me 🙈. I really did pick a lot from what you shared. You stated all the tips and broke them down making it feels so easy to achieve 😀. I know with time I'll find it east to achieve. Thanks so much. I'll start developing myself on these tips as soon as I'm set to kick. Presently trying to settle some school's online activities.
Thanks once again 😊

Thank you!