Let's Talk About Racism - & What Happened Last Night

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Racism is unfortunately still a force to be reckoned with on this planet, and not a force I take lightly. If my artist application is approved by the event organizers, I will be delivering a speech I prepared and performing my song No Consent at the Hip Hop Stands Up event to be held outside the Injustice Center (as its being affectionately called) on Independence Day. I also have an audio clip of my speech I will post here tomorrow.

Performances and speeches can be stressful and nerve-racking, and not something I would elect to do for free unless I really believe in the cause. I felt called to participate in this event, not to help promote myself, but to promote the cause of justice and equality by calling to hold those in power (the government) responsible for protecting those that violate our rights instead of protecting our rights and safety which is supposedly their job. I will do this because it is needed, not because I stand to gain anything from it personally - other than what everyone else stands to gain - a more fair, equal, and free world.

Please watch this video to learn about the racism we experienced last night from someone we previously had no problem with. Any racial or peaceful lifestyle discrimination is disrespectful. Please let me know if you think I handled this situation correctly, if you think I should have done anything differently, and what you would do if you were (or have been) in this situation. I love all types of people that are respectful humans - and we are all here for each other. I would never judge someone by their race, only by the merit of their actions.


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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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It's hard enough to have conversations like this with most people, the added element of high adrenaline, violence, potentially shock makes it near impossible for most to be calm & collected. In short, I think that may have just been a no-win scenario.

There's a great book by the guys who did the Grievance Studies Hoax, called "How To Have Impossible Conversations" that is one tool we can add to our tool-belt, I'll shoot you the ebook. NVC, reflective listening, and various other schools & practices can help us with these situations as well.

PS: Audio got real rough for a while when you started playing with your keys around the 10 minute mark.

I wouldn't assume anything about your room-mate's experience in that moment, any more than you would about his experience as a whole. Racism, other -ism (anti-hippies for example, if I know who you're talking about), walking into a violent situation unknowingly, pre-existing relationship with the other person, something specific that erupted in their exchange, childhood trauma, societal normalization and praise for violence... Some combination.

Well whatever the case, violent and continuous verbal lashings filled with hate are not welcome here. Disrespect is not welcome here. I have been pushed to my brink on a few occasions with a few different people that have come to this house. Now one of those people has returned (ironically) on the same day that this happened. He hasn't caused any new trouble yet - but with him its only a matter of time. Also the guy mentioned in this video has been kicked out bc of his behavior. I absolutely must make my exit from this place before next year, all I want is happiness and love, I feel these are so hard to acquire in my life. I would love to read the ebook How to Have Impossible Conversations - sounds like just the text I need right now.

You certainly have a fan in Germany.

Although racism is everywhere, this seems to be a special US problem, including all that public rage and anger about it. Seems like a massive elitist agenda to push that stuff right now and divide the people even more. Talking with people who are in such a mindset is incredibly difficult. I would usually walk away but I guess you cannot do that with your roommate just like that. But keeping the conversation alive could be like throwing gas on a fire. Letting the other calm down first, before continuing the conversation, can help a lot.

Well I don't feel there is a conversation to continue. After throwing the words and hate he did at me, I would accept an apology, but I will not communicate with him ever again any further than that. I just do not want those kind of people in my life - and by "those kind", I mean the extremely disrespectful kind that has no regard for anyone's feelings besides their own.

Good for you. I believe this is the only way to deal with this. You choose your reality and that includes the people you surround yourself with! It is not your responsibility to heal the world. Only to heal yourself.

Hey Brother, what an intense experience, it sounds like he was running high on adrenaline and took all of his anger out on you. He obviously got triggered by something, but that is anyone's guess what that was.
He had no right to attack you and belittle you. It sounds like he was projecting a lot of his frustrations and insecurities onto you, which does happen unfortunately but it is not okay. Certainly not in your own home which is meant to be your safe space. I have been verbally attacked in my home before and it is really unsettling.
Do not take what he said on, that is all on him and a reflection of his state of mind, you were probably the first person who showed any interest and concern, so he unleashed it all onto you.
When we are angry, we sometimes don't even know what we are saying and if anyone tries to intervene it just causes us to lash out even more.
Sending you love my friend, I have found that some people can feel threatened by those who are on the right path and that in itself can be enough for them to lash out.

"I have found that some people can feel threatened by those who are on the right path and that in itself can be enough for them to lash out."

Yup, they're called HATERS. Anyone who has achieved one form of success or another has them, including those of us that seek a better world through action and example.

It is just time to move on soon. Things like this happen frequently around here since I have little control over who visits. If I owned the house it would be a different story. Outside of the habnashery, I have enjoyed my time here and still am. So I am going to play out these next several months to a year as happily as I can, and set intentions to find a more fitting situation surrounded by more like minded and respectful people. I hope you are doing well, much love.