Shamanic Sunday Sessions

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A recent intuitive experience taught me that I need to challenge myself to be a better listener. I take my creative work very seriously, because I care about myself and the world around me. However, sometimes my personal failings get in the way of my full potential. I want to help others and help myself by taking an a new challenge. Shamanic Sunday Sessions is a new venture of mine in which I will dedicate my free time to heal individuals one conversation at a time. I am challenging my active listening skills by hosting a person-to-person two hour conversation via Skype/Zoom/Discord. Let the healing begin one conversation at a time...

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I love this! :) I reblogged and will like to pass on the offer. Thank you for your service, Combo ;)

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks! I just did my first session today, and I am grateful I was able to help someone through a spontaneous conversation.