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Hi guys!

This is my first video here in 3speak and I'm trying to understand how it works.

For now i will post a promo video I made in After Effects and uploaded to YouTube because I was not able to post here due didn't understand at first how to login in 3speak (thanks to 3speak the support).

By the way, 3speak support guys, I try to do this in my mobile but when I choose upload it opens my mobile cam and I have no choice to go to my Android Gallery.

Don't know if it is possible to download videos from 3speak or not, if yes fill free to download it and use wherever you want to promote Hive.

If not I uploaded to my Dropbox account, here is the link

Thanks for following me and support my artwork!

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Thank you! :)

You're very welcome @doze! 🙂👍
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cheers, liz from hivebuzz team