Moist Metalcore (Original guitar riff/Improv)

in Threespeak4 months ago (edited)

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A quick little boner jam I made with a pre-recorded drum beat I found shared around on the cesspool known as Reddit. Not my favorite thing I've wrote/recorded, but was just having a bit of fun at the time. Hope you enjoy, pussybois.

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Nice tunage. What gear are you using to record? Did I ask that before?


Thanks, man. I'm just using Audacity for actual recording, my Boss Katana MK2 amp plugged straight into my laptop and a Schecter CR6 guitar.

Sounds good anyway. Shows you don't need anything fancy. I've used Audacity for simple recordings. The modelling amps are pretty good now.


Yeah, I definitely want to get a better editing/recording software and learn how to use it soon. But, the amp itself provides great quality recording and tone for the price I paid (Which was, like, a little over $200).

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