Can Covid guideline breakers hand themselves in?

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We approach some police to ask them about handing yourself in for breaking the rules.

Some comments on YouTube:

1 week ago
Pink shorts ( mines a Babycham) boy, looks like that guest on Shooting Stars, Angelos Epithemiou. Excellent video Danny.

1 week ago
The British public fascinates me. They can put up with:

  • Their royal Prince being a pedophile.
  • London being just above a complete trash can.
  • A police lockdown that makes V-thor Vendetta a Disney movie (was it a Disney movie?)
  • Margaret Thatcher 2.0 robbing them of their Brexit.
  • Tony Blair still being alive.
  • Al-Quaida telling them (via their intermediate in the media) that there is a bomb next to them.
  • Paying taxes which would have bought Richard Branson the entire Virgin Islands (named after him)
  • But a guy with a megaphone in a park.... and that.... that..... T H A T I S J U S T C R O S S I N G T H E L I N E M A T E ! ! !

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Long time no see :) good to have you on hive sir!